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    Eshopps WD-300CS Wet Dry Filter - 200 to 300 gal.


    Item # 237631 / Manufacturer Part # 12025

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    The Eshopps WD-300CS wet/dry filter is a complete filtration package, including a classic Wet/Dry type fitler system, and a Hang-On Overflow box, for aquariums up to 300 gallons. This combination is ideal for providing enhanced biological filtration for your freshwater or marine fish aquarium. 

    The WD-300CS uses replaceable felt filter pads, which provide mechanical filtration that removes uneaten food and fish waste.  Dual Bio-Ball chambers provide biological filtration by giving large surface area for the growth of the beneficial biological bacteria that helps quickly break down ammonia and nitrite.  

    For aquariums that do not have a drilled overflow system, the included compact dual U-tube style overflow box allows for installation on virtually any aquarium. The Hang-On overflow is only 4" wide, minimizing the space required between your tank and wall. 

    The system includes a two 3' drain lines and a length of vinyl tubing with a valve for return lines, all you need to supply is an appropriate return pump to get up and running.

    Separate chamber provides space to house a return pump (not included).

    Filter measures 36 in. x 14 in. x 16 in. and is rated for 200-300 gallon aquariums.

    Click here for directions on how to install your overflow filter system .
    Includes MediaFilter Pad (x2), Bio Balls
    Warranty1 year Warranty
    UL ListedNo
    Max Tank Size300 gal.
    Length36 in.
    Width14 in.
    Height16 in.

    Average Rating

    Eshopps WA-300cs 12/18/2013

    Reviewer: Judd M.

    Unfortunately, the product arrived damaged in freight so I am unable to review it. I can, however, say that the people in Customer Service are outstanding. They asked for a few photos and promply refunded the money. It was so severly damaged that they did not even require the filter to be sent back, saving me a great deal of aggrevation. I was very impressed.

    Eshopps 300 3/7/2013

    Reviewer: B. Tarantur

    The open area is smaller then I would like. Not enough space to slide the heater under and very little space to place skimmer in. Had to add additional tube for skimmer

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