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    API Filstar XP XL Canister Filter - Up to 265 gal.


    Item # 216513 / Manufacturer Part # 723

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    Now $199.99
    The API FilStar XP XL canister filter is an extremely powerful aquarium filter for freshwater or marine aquariums. The FilStar XP XL provides complete filtration on tanks up to 265 gallons using no-bypass construction and a flow rate of up to 450 gph. The XP XL filter is easy to set up, maintain and clean.

    Simple Operation

    FilStar XP filters feature an easy-to-operate anti-airlock system to allow self-priming, uninterrupted operation. The API FilStar Canister filters also feature flow control, an adjustable inlet, and a single lever control quick disconnect for easy maintenance. 

    Four Stage Filtration

    The FilStar XP L has a Four multi-use media baskets for biological and chemical filtration media, and has a handle to make media changes quick and easy. This multi-stage filter has bypass-free circulation which guarantees that all water flows through the filter media and not around it, ensuring a cleaner aquarium. The FilStar filter system also has a unique sediment collection chamber for removal of wastes. The chamber improves filter efficiency and reduces clogging.

    The filter's large rubber base suppresses vibration and noise, providing quiet operation.

    FilStar XP L includes two 30 ppi fine foam inserts, two 20 ppi coarse foam inserts,  5 Bio-Chem Stars, 1 Bio-Chem Zorb pouch, and 1 micro filtration pad to get you started. 

    For more information, down the Manufacturer's installation guide

    Includes MediaIncludes Micro Filtration Pad, 20 ppi and 30 ppi Foams, Bio Chem Zorb and 5 Bio Stars.
    Flow Rate450 gph
    Power Cord Length6 ft.
    Warranty2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    UL ListedYes
    Max Tank Size265 gal.
    Length9.5 in.
    Width8.5 in.
    Height21 in.
    Click here to download the instruction manual from API's website.

    Average Rating

    Leak - cheap construction 9/20/2014

    Reviewer: Ryan

    I have owned 3 of these for a 180 gal aquarium. 2 were bought together and 1 as a replacement for parts. They filter great but in 4 months to 1 year they will leak water from where the power cord comes out. Also the top lid will crack and leak water where it is seamed together. This is probably due to the dumb design of having the handle built into the lid motor housing. So when you pick this up full of water to clean it you are putting all the stress on the seams of the housing. Heavy when full of water. You can not trust these filters not to leak when you are away. Filters the water great but constructed like junk.

    Filters OK but others are better 7/25/2014

    Reviewer: Alan

    Main gripe is the pitiful amount of sample media the unit come with- 5 biostars - Seriously? I have many Eheim Classic which come with great media and are much quicker to clean.

    Not As Powerful As It Sounds 7/8/2014

    Reviewer: Eric Maxwell

    This is a great filter, but with more than twice the GPH rating of my old Eheim, I was expecting a lot more water movement. Luckily, it has other features that make up for it. This filter is HUGE with tons of room for completely customizable media baskets. The absolute best feature of this filter is the hose disconnect - its so much easier than Eheim.

    xpxl 3/14/2014

    Reviewer: Philip

    I bought one about 3 years ago. For some reason the flow of the water looked liked it was cut in half.I tried replacing the impeller but that did not help. So I bought a different kind of filter but it did not seem to help either. So I took the xpxl and completly washed every part. I placed the filter back in the tank and I seems to be working for now. I this one as a back up. The tank is a 250 gal placed in a school office area.

    Good Filter 3/5/2014

    Reviewer: Barry

    One serius design flaw this filter can leak with no warning where the power cord enters the pump housing

    An Aquarium Saver 12/8/2013

    Reviewer: Papaling

    I have been duped to buy gimmics, and to try their method. All met with disaster. This was like my 10th attempt to salvage my aquarium. I bought the 3 stage for a 75 gallon Reef aquarium. Used with the right products you can customize the unit to clean up any bio load. I do not smell the water, it's crystal clear. And I only do 5 gallon water changers a week. The best investment I ever made, and I've had it for almost 10 years.

    Great Filter 10/3/2013

    Reviewer: Rich Davis

    Have used this filter for over four years. No problems, easy to use and clean. It keeps my 180 gal. tank clean and clear.

    Great Filter 6/7/2013

    Reviewer: Shilrley

    Now that my filter has finally arrived (I knew it was on back-order when I ordered it), I am NOT disappointed. I have a 175 gallon tank and the water is clear, my fish are healthy and it is one of the easiest filters to operate and load. I do use "Water Clear" once a week to keep the debris from floating (my choice) but, I have no complaints and I would recommend this filter to anyone. One more thing, I do change out the Micro-filtration pads every two weeks (once again, my choice). It is amazing how dirty they get and I change them out otherwise I have found that the flow of the water slows down due to clogging.

    Great if loaded correctly. 3/20/2013

    Reviewer: Igore

    These filters work great unless you use the micro filtration pad [ white one ] it will plug up in a few days. I layer coarse foam, ceramic rings on bottom and get finer as you go up. Top basket with carbon ammocarb etc with fine foam on top and bottom of media.

    Disappointing 2/17/2013

    Reviewer: Mike

    Lot's of work, poor results. I bought a second one so I'm now running 2. No better. Both are on a 150 gal tank. Cloudy water and you can see the debris floating around the tank.

    Great Filter 7/17/2012

    Reviewer: John

    I have been using these filters for years and they simply are the best.

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