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    Filter Carbon Pellets - 52 lb.


    Item # 246478 / Manufacturer Part # 2252

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    Living Pets Filter Carbon provides excellent chemical filtration by removing impurities from your water. Large pellet shape is particularly convenient for use in media baskets. Usable in most filters, including power filters, canister filters, and wet/dry filters & sumps, this item will also remove odors, medications, and discoloration from your water. Prewashed to remove dust, the Filter Carbon is safe for use in both fresh and salt water aquariums.

    For more information on chemical filtration, please see our article on Aquarium Filter Maintenance.

    Compatible ModelsAll Filters
    Package Size52 lb.

    Average Rating

    Filter Carbon Pellets-52 lb.bag 1/28/2014

    Reviewer: Mark

    The carbon works very well in keeping the water clear and you can NOT! beat the price

    Decent carbon 1/16/2014

    Reviewer: Dan

    I would like to say that this is not bad carbon for the price. It is not the best carbon I have ever used. But I will not complain for the price.

    Carbon pellets 1/10/2014

    Reviewer: JR

    Large pellets seem to work as well as granular carbon. The dust factor is greatly reduced. The bulk pricing can't be beat.

    Best Deal 7/24/2013

    Reviewer: katydid

    I tried these carbon pellets in a small quantity just to see if they worked as well as the crumbled carbon I've always used in the past, but very expensive. The water in my 100 gallon and 30 gallon aquariums is so clear it's amazing! I also did a lot of research about the pellets versus crumbles and got nothing but positive reviews for the pellets, that they work just as well as the crumbles. When I saw this 50 lb bag at That Fish Place for $40 bucks I jumped at it. It was delivered in a box, somewhat torn out on one corner, but no damage to the heavy weight woven bag of carbon. The delivery man brought it to our front door which was great because we live way back in the woods from the front road. I used some of this in our bird bath filter where our outdoor cats get their water too. It stays sparkling clean. I poured the contents of the bag into a large rubbermaid tote with tight fitting lid, so it's easy to access and I love having all the carbon I could possibly need for the next few years. I no longer have to stretch the ridiculously expensive crumbled type until my aquarium water is iffy again.

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