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    Floating Turtle Feeder

    Zoo Med

    Item # 259648 / Manufacturer Part # TA-41

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    The Floating Turtle Feeder provides a feeding challenge for aquatic turtles and it's also entertaining for you. Place food pellets in the transluscent, plastic floating fish and watch your pet bump and claw the feeder to release bits from the cavity through holes along the sides of the fish. Encourages natural foraging behavior.
    Instructions: Remove access door on the bottom of the fish. Hold fish with the tail up. Scoop food into the opening, filling the fish up to the first food slot. Replace the access door and place fish in the water. A few pellets may float out, but most will stay in the fish until it is bumped by the turtle. Remove fish after turtle has finished eating and rinse with clean water to remove any uneated pellets.

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