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    Flourite - Red - 15.4 lb.


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    Flourite gravel is a unique substrate for the planted aquarium. It is most effective alone, but can be mixed with other gravels. Won't alter pH, not chemically treated or coated.

    The size and color of the gravel and substrates listed can vary due to natural availability and the resolution of your computer monitor.

    For help selecting how much gravel you need for your aquarium, check our Aquarium Substrate Buying Guide.
    Package Size15.4 lb.
    Although pre-washed, it may be rinsed before use to remove residual dust. Dust can also be minimized by filling aquarium slowly and dispersing water so that the Flourite bed is not disturbed. Slight initial cloudiness is normal and will clear rapidly (2–12 hours). To shorten the cloudiness period use Seachem Clarity in conjuction with mechanical filtration (such as filter floss).
    Fracted stable porous clay gravel

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