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    Fluval Disposable CO2 Cartridge - 88 g - 3 pk.


    Item # 252654 / Manufacturer Part # A7547

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    Keep your live aquatic plants flourishing with these refill CO2 canisters. Each cylinder lasts approximately 1 month at 1 bubble per second of dispensing. Includes 3, 88g canisters.

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    Fluval 88g CO2 Disposable Cartriges - 3 pcs. 8/1/2013

    Reviewer: Kevin

    There's alot of bad reviews out there. Belive me I've looked. Simple steps to take, Teflon tape on the threads, CO2 grade tubbing, and airtight commections. Between regulator, check valve, and bubble counter. My units last me about 6 weeks, at 1-2 bubbles a second for 12 hours. I use 2 set-ups on 2 nano tanks. Both are fully planted. With Red Crystal, Black Crystal, Cherry, and Rilli shrimp, Micro crabs, and Nerite snails. I suggest using a Drop checker with all CO2 Injectors. That said I Find the Fluval Set-up Extreemly reliable, and effecent for tanks under 10g. I have tried other brands and made mistakes in doing so. Cheeper is not better. One last thing the prices for refills varry but there cheep and shipping is quick, right here @ That Fish Place.

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