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    Aqualight Freshwater T5 Dual Fluorescent Light - 48 in.


    Item # 209500 / Manufacturer Part # 05620

    Was $64.99
    Now $64.99
    The Coralife 48" Aqualight T5 Standard Fluorescent light fixture for freshwater aquariums, is a sleek and streamlined fixture designed to enhance and complement your live plants and fish. Its compact and slim-profile style is suitable for applications where space is limited. The fixture is equipped with a modern, designer-black aluminum housing and a highly-polished reflector for optimal lighting. It also includes a protective acrylic lens cover which allows easy access to the lamps.

    Other features include: on/off switch and built-in ballast; adjustable width tank mounts; comes with one 28W Colormax lamp and one 28W 6700K lamp; ideal for freshwater and planted aquariums.

    The Colormax T-5 fluorescent lamp has color-enhancing phosphors that provide full-spectrum light from 350 to 750 nanometers. It offers high-intensity output that enhances the natural beauty of freshwater fish and plants.

    The 6700K Plant Lamp T-5 fluorescent lamp provides aquatic plants with the light energy necessary to stimulate lush growth. The lamp has a full-spectrum, high-intensity output that replicates sunlight with essential light requirements to promote photosynthesis.
    Power Cord Length6 ft.
    Max Wattage56
    Requires Glass CanopyRecommended
    Type of BulbsT5
    Warranty1 year
    UL ListedNo
    Length48 in.
    Width3.25 in.
    Height1 in.
    Number of Bulbs2
    Includes BallastYes
    Includes BulbsYes

    Average Rating

    Exploding light 6/5/2014

    Reviewer: Mitch

    Installed this light on a 75 gallon tank with new glass tops. It appears that the light exploded destroying the glass on both sides of the tank. Split the back panels in half and an arc from the bulb knocked another hole in glass.

    Coralife Aqualight 12/5/2013

    Reviewer: Kendall

    Love this lighting system! I have the 48" Lamp on my 75 gallon ciclhid tank. Great price and great product! Slim design. Only negative thing I have found so far is that i noticed a small temperature spike. But nothing adjusting the heater didn't fix.

    Constantly Overheats 6/18/2013

    Reviewer: Tony

    It is constantly overheating and will shut off and will not come on for hours later. I found this out on the very first day of using it. And now a couple days in only one bulb will turn on. The 2nd light fixture that I have for my tank does not overheat (it is a different brand).

    Coralife Aqualight 5/17/2013

    Reviewer: Loni

    Love the slim look of this light. It is bright and sleek looking. fits the tank well. Added bonus, its good for your plants too. Great price compared to others.

    Coralife Aqualight 4/23/2013

    Reviewer: birdallen@hotmail.com

    In general I like the low profile light and its price. I've purchased at lleast one of each size and the all perform the same. In about a year of use one of the two bulbs will burn out causing both not to work. The spare bulbs are relative inexpensive, if purchase when they are on sale.

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