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    Fusion Air Pump 600 - Up to 75 gal.

    JW Pet

    Item # 240193 / Manufacturer Part # 21508

    Was $16.99
    Now $16.99
    The Fusion Air Pump 600 is able to operate up to 9 air accessories (depending on size and demand). The patented baffle system allows you to control the flow of air with a simple turn of the dial. It provides ample power to supply your accessories, while running whisper quiet. Using an air pump also adds dissolved oxygen to your water, improving the overall health of your aquarium.

    For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps.
    Max Tank Size75 gal.
    Height3.75 in.
    Max Wattage5
    Power Cord Length4 ft.
    UL ListedNo
    Warranty3 year
    Length5.5 in.
    Width4 in.

    Average Rating

    FUSION AIR PUMP 600 1/26/2015

    Reviewer: Richard

    The pump stopped working within the fist day that I ran it. Yeh it was cheap I think I paid $15.00 + shipping but it's now broken. This pump is no good!

    I'm Sure it's fine for a little fish tank 9/17/2014

    Reviewer: Mark F.

    This unit would not even move any air whatsoever in a 4 ft. water pyramid i have. I have sent it back for a full refund.

    That Fish Place:  Hi Mark, thanks for submitting a review.  This air pump is recommended for a 75 gallon aquarium, which is typically 21 inches tall.  Pumping air in a tank or enclosure taller than that would likely sap a lot of the power.  We apologize for the confusion.  

    The Perfect Air Pump 7/26/2014

    Reviewer: Miller

    I have had this for about two years now and still works perfectly and completely silent. Has been feeding three tanks for over a year now. I will never buy any other air pump, ever!

    Fusion Air Pump 600 7/8/2014

    Reviewer: Ed

    Great price, very quite and powerful

    Completely unpredictable Fusion 600 7/7/2014

    Reviewer: Douglas Smith

    I own six of these air pumps. I run 25+ tanks in my home, and only three are still working after one year. One failed after one week, one still pumps but won't push air out of a new air stone if it is more than 5 inches down in the water. One came with a broken off knob and cannot be adjusted. I have taken the bad ones apart and cleaned them, but they will not pump air as they should. Only three out of six function well. I would give this product no stars if I could.

    fusion pump 3/19/2014

    Reviewer: ito

    i got it for my buddy for his b day didnt even last 2 weeks

    Fusion Air Pump 600 12/11/2013

    Reviewer: AJC

    I only plugged it in last week but so far so good. I like the way the air flow can be adjusted by turning the knob.

    So Far so Good 8/12/2013

    Reviewer: Steven

    Quiet and seems to be good. I only gave 4 stars because it has not proved itself as of yet

    Fusion Air Pump 600 5/4/2013

    Reviewer: J Eng

    Very strong pump for 2 outlets, good size for my 55 gal... quiet if set for low air requirments

    Not so happy 4/4/2013

    Reviewer: Bigjoem

    I recently had one of these pumps fail after less than one week of use. It was mounted above the water level so there was no reason, except it being faulty to begin with, for its failure. I liked the design, compactness and silence otherwise but if you can't trust them to run in the long term what good are they??

    Great Pump 2/11/2013

    Reviewer: Jim Ryan

    I purchased the Fusion 600 and the Tetra Whisper (100 gallon) at the same time. The Fusion is completely silent and running two Hydro Sponge Filters like a champ. Great product! The Tetra sits unused because it's loud. Very impressed with the Fusion air pumps - will be buying another for our next tank!

    Fusion air pump 600 2/7/2013

    Reviewer: John Tremmel

    Good price seems to work great!

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