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    Giesemann AquaBlue Coral T5HO Lamp - 39W - 15,000K - 36 in.


    Item # 245895 / Manufacturer Part # GM-T5-563

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    The ultimate marine lamp! Giesemann AquaBlue 15,000K T5HO lamps were specifically designed for growing SPS corals. The 70:30 6000k White, 22000k blue blend provides the perfect lighting combo for all marine or freshwater tank setups. Provides the light your corals need to grow and thrive and the light your fish and live rock need to burst with color.  Quality German construction from Giesemann.

    Click here for the lamp spectrum chart direct from Giesemann.

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    Length34 in.
    Max Wattage39
    Diameter0.625 in.
    Kelvin Rating15,000K
    Base TypeBi-Pin
    Warranty30 days
    Insert lamp into compatible T5 High Output aquarium light fixture.

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