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    H2Show Bubble Maker


    Item # 255225 / Manufacturer Part # A02101

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    The Hydor H2Show Bubble Maker is an all in one aeration device.  The Bubble Maker's patented design uses venturi technology to draw in air from the supplied air tubing, to create a fine mist of bubbles, no external air pump is required.  Adjustable air flow allows you to fine tune the amount of air to your desire. Combine with one of Hydor's H2shOw LED light modules to create a beautiful  illuminated bubble display. Works in aquariums up to 18" deep. 
    For complete product information see the manufacturer's Instruction Manual.
    Warranty2 year

    Average Rating

    H2Show Bubble Maker 2/12/2014

    Reviewer: Mark

    This bubble maker makes a beautiful fine circle wall of bubbles and will look great in your tank!

    The Best Bubbler 12/19/2013

    Reviewer: RJ

    This bubbler makes a medium round wall of nice fine bubbles, it doesn't clog up, was easy to install, it's quiet, and the black tubing/cords aren't very noticeable.

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