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    Hamster Potty

    Super Pet

    Item # 201984 / Manufacturer Part # 100079343

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    Potty-training is easy for your hamster, gerbil, or other small pet. This tiny potty fits perfectly anywhere in your cage, and because of your pet's instinctual urge to go to the bathroom in one spot, he'll be easy to train. Comes with a sample of Potty Litter that will lock in odor and moisture, sifting spoon, and directions to get your potty-training started.
    6" l x 3.25" w x 2.5" h
    Width3 1/4"
    Height2 1/2"

    1. Observe your furry friends instinctive behavior to utilize one area in its home to eliminate.
    2. Add Potty Litter into your Hamster Potty.
    3. Place the potty into the corner of your furry friend's home.
    Note: Do not flush potty litter down toilet or sink drains.
    Litter is made from clay formed from volcanic ash.

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