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    Hatch n Feeder Brine Shrimp Hatchery

    Koller Craft

    Item # 215683 / Manufacturer Part # 1198.00

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    Live brine shrimp are a highly nutritious live food source for many fish and invertebrates. This truly original hatchery is designed to hatch and feed brine shrimp directly in your freshwater or saltwater tank without the hassle of several different hatchery tanks.
    Hatchery is 2" x 5" x 8.25" high.
    Directions for using the Brine Shrimp Hatchery:

    1. Before setting the Hatchery up, clean it under running warm water. Do Not use soap or detergents since it can leave harmful residue. Rinse it well with cold water.
    2. Connect air line tubing to air pump and Hatch’ N Feeder. Press the suction cup holder firmly against the glass wall of the aquarium.
    3. Set Hatchery in 79 degree to 81 degree dechlorinated water. (Rate of hatching is temperture dependent, the higher the water temperature the faster the eggs will hatch).
    4. Submerge the Hatchery, filling the Hatchery with tank water.
    5. Be sure the Hatchery is positioned properly. The water level indicator must be level with the surface water.
    6. Add 4 small spoons of eggs to the egg chamber. Use small end of measuring spoon to measure out the desired amount of eggs.
    7. Turn air pump on, 3-4 small bubbles per second. It is important to keep the air flow rate low, too high of air flow will cause the eggs to splash against the sides of the hatchery.
    8. Wait 1 hour for eggs to rehydrate before adding salt to the hatchery.
    9. Add 5 large spoons of synthetic sea salt or non-iodized table salt to the egg chamber, using the large end of spoon. Synthetic sea salt is recommended because of the buffering abilities.
    10. Gently swirl any eggs still at surface in egg compartment. Don’t worry if eggs remain in collection chamber since they will hatch there also.
    11. The brine shrimp larvae will start hatching in about 18 to 26 hours depending on the water temperature.
    12. As the larvae hatch, place a light over the perferated dispenser. The larvae will swim towards the light since they are phototactic and are drawn to the light.

    Average Rating

    Works perfectly, keeping my sea horses fed with baby brine 9/22/2012

    Reviewer: Matt Pfizer

    This brine shrimp hatchery installed easily inside my tank and has a line marked where the water level needs to come up to. Easy to hook an air pump up to it (comes with airline) and place the unit where you like in your tank. Unit comes with a small spoon so you can scoop out eggs to place in the main hatching chamber. The air going to the unit keeps the eggs circulating and 24 hours later you can start to see the tiny brine shrimp hatch, leaving the egg shells behind which collect on the bottom of the hatching chamber. The baby brine shrimp then swim up the hatching chamber to the outlet to the lighter side of the hatchery which has a small plastic cap with some holes in it so the brine shrimp can easily swim out into the aquarium. I added a large rubber band to the suction cup holder to firmly secure the hatchery to the tank. This improved on the design a little better by adding more stability to the unit. However, that being said, this unit works as described and is a great addition to my tank. The seahorses love it and makes it easier for me to feed my seahorse live baby brine.

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