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    Hermit Crab Climbing Branch - 6 in. x 1 in. - Asst. Colors

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204419 / Manufacturer Part # HC-51

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    In the wild, hermit crabs are excellent climbers. The Hermit Crab Climbing Branch looks and feels like the branches that your crab would enjoy in its natural habitat, providing your pet with plenty of climbing fun and healthy exercise. Use a few Climbing Branches to create a fantastic jungle gym for your hermit crab.
    Branch is 6" x 1" diameter.
    Length6 in.
    Width1 in.
    Instructions: Lay your Hermit Crab Climbing Branch either vertically or horizontally in your crab's enclosure. Add multiple branches for more climbing fun!

    Cleaning: As needed. Remove branch and spray with Zoo Med's Wipe Out 2 cage furniture cleaner. Let stand for 5 mins, rinse and return to cage.

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