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    Hypersorb - 8.5 oz.


    Item # 198708 / Manufacturer Part # 156

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    HyperSorb is a synthetic adsorbent that outperforms all other blended synthetic media. It has exceptional organic removal capacity, stabilizes the ionic balance, and helps to control ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Exhaustion is indicated by discoloration (yellow to dark brown). It can be regenerated easily with household bleach.

    Each 250 mL treats up to 75 gallons.
    Compatible ModelsAll Filters
    Treats up to75 gal.
    Package Size5.2 oz.
    Directions: Use in a filter bag. Each 250 mL treats up to 300 L (75 gallons*). Rinse before use. Exhaustion is indicated by a pronounced discoloration of the beads from yellow to deep brown.

    Regeneration: Soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours in a non-metalic container in a well ventilated area and away from children. Rinse well, then soak for 8 hours with a solution containing 2 tablespoons of ChlorGuard, Prime, or equivalent dechlorinator per cup of water. Rinse well. Original color and full activity should now be restored and HyperSorb is ready for reuse. Caution: some slime coat products may permanently foul HyperSorbâ„¢ and render regeneration difficult. Do not reuse if odor of chlorine is detectable. In case of doubt, soak beads in small quantity of water and test for residual chlorine with a chlorine test kit.
    Proprietary synthetic polymer resin.

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