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    Ich-X - 16 oz.


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    Get rid of pesky parasites that can harm your fish with Ich-X, a strong and effective medication with noticeable effects.
    Treatment ForPARASITE
    Invert SafeNo
    Treats up to960 GALLONS
    To treat "ich" disease (ichthyophthiriasis) of freshwater fishes and "marine ich" disease (cryptocaryonaisis) of marine fishes, add one (1) teaspoon (~5 mL) of Ich-X to 10 gallons of aquarium water. For Best Results: (1) always treat in a separate quarantine/treatment tank, (2) remove activated carbon from filters and clean or replace mechanical filtration media (do not stop filtration!) (3) make at least 1/3 water change before each addition of Ich-X (use Ultimate to condition new water (4) repeat treatments at least every 24 hours, but no more often than every 8 hours, depending upon the course of the disease (refer to the Ich-X Product Data Sheet. DO NOT OVERDOSE.
    Water, formaldehyde (<5%), methanol (<2%), malachite green chloride (<0.1%).

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