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    Instant Ocean SeaClone Protein Skimmer 100 - Up to 100 gal.

    Instant Ocean

    Item # 198286 / Manufacturer Part # SCPS-100

    Was $89.99
    Now $89.99
    The SeaClone provides superior turbo-venturi skimming for efficient removal of dissolved organics and waste from your aquarium. The exclusive turbo-venturi injector system mixes filtered water and air in the pump impeller chamber, generating a froth of micro-bubbles for maximum skimming and improved gas exchange. Air and water swirl together in the vortex reaction chamber, creating a powerful tornado effect that rapidly draws dissolved wastes from aquarium water. Protein-laden bubbles are propelled upward, where they are trapped in a large capacity collection cup, which requires less emptying.

    Comes with a Maxi-Jet 1200 pump. Ideal for external hang-on or in-sump installation. Hang-on installation requires 4 in. clearance between tank edge and wall. In-sump installation requires 20 in. clearance between bottom of sump and underside of aquarium base. Easy to install and easy to operate, the SeaClone comes with all neccessary parts. No airstones are needed.

    The SeaClone 100 is great for aquariums up to 100 gallons and measures 18 in. x 7 in. x 6 in.

    For more information, please read What is a Protein Skimmer? from our article archive.
    In SumpYes
    Cone NeckNo
    Bubble PlateNo
    Diameter3.5 in.
    Height18 in.
    Max Tank Size100 gal.
    Warranty3 years
    PumpMaxi-Jet 1200

    Average Rating

    Terrible 3/25/2014

    Reviewer: Momma of the 6 crew

    I have this skimmer as well, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to take apart to clean. I don't get it- it gets great reviews, but it doesn't come apart like it should to get rid of any build up or residue.Not happy with it. Does the job ok- but the hassle to get it clean would make me choose something else.

    That Fish Place:  Hi, thanks for commenting.  What you can try is submerging your entire skimmer into a weak water-vinegar solution.  If you leave it submerged overnight, it can help soften up the residue and make it easier to remove.  You can then try to get inside with pipe-cleaner or dishwashing like tools.  Just a thought, hope it helps.  Thanks!

    Best Skimmer 4/25/2013

    Reviewer: phillip.raffle@verizon.net

    I have purchased three of the skimmers over the last ten year period and I am very happy with the quality and performance! The only improvement I would like to see Instant Ocean make is with the lock nut at the bottom of the s tube where it connects to the main canister, it and the o-ring wears out and starts to leak.

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