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    Kitty Cat Grass

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    If your cats are destroying your house plants, try Kitty Cat Grass. A tasty, hairball fighting mix of herbs and greens specifically blended to satisfy your kitty's natural craving for vegetation, Kitty Cat Grass will delight all cats, young and old.
    Directions: 1. While holding the lid securely in place, turn container upside down. Poke 8-12 pin holes in the inner circle of plastic base. 2. Turn right side up, remove lid and spread seeds evenly over mixture. 3. Push seeds into mixture and add two ounces of water. 4. Place container in bowl of shallow water to allow mixture to become damp, and then remove. 5. Replace lid and store container in a warm dark place. Observe daily for signs of growth. 6. Once sprouts are visible (typically 3 days) remove lid and place in sunlight. Water 1-2 times per week to keep soil damp.
    Pure seed, 99.15%
    barley, 39.66%
    oats, 39.66
    wheat, 19.83

    Other crop seed, 0.56%
    Inert matter, 0.28%
    Weed seed, 0.01%
    Noxious weed, 0%

    Germination, 91%

    Average Rating

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