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    Large Floating Turtle Pier - 16 in. x 11 in.

    Penn Plax

    Item # 249142 / Manufacturer Part # REP603

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    Floating Turtle Pier fits tanks 20 gallons and larger and is ideal as a haul out spot for turtles, frogs, newts and salamanders. Pier design anchors to substrate and raises up to 16 in. high.

    Average Rating

    Great Purchase!!! 3/23/2015

    Reviewer: Dezi

    Was skeptical at first, but very satisfied. Works well and having the excess area under the dock compared to being full of rock is great for my turtle.

    WORST PRODUCT EVER! 3/31/2014

    Reviewer: Linda, WV

    One of the pylon extenders broke while setting it up, the company was good about sending a new one however within 1 day of owning the suction cup wouldn't keep suction, while fixing 2 of the pylon extensions broke again. This is the worst product to by for a turtle.

    Better for smaller turtles 3/2/2014

    Reviewer: Joanne AS

    It's a great concept but not quite what I need for my huge water turtles unless I get a bigger (deeper) tank. At the level I keep the water, the platform is too low for them to hide underneath. But they love the deck and it all stays relatively clear of debris.

    Nice turtle platform 2/4/2014

    Reviewer: Frank

    We had this turtle pier for over 5 years now and it performs very well. We bought other turtle docks, platforms & piers and this one lasted the longest. The only minor issue we experienced with the ramp which comes out of the connection between the pier & ramp occasonally. Nevertheless the minor isssue of the ramp, the Penn Pax Turtle Pier is nice turtle platform.

    A Zookeeper's thoughts on the Turtle Pier 12/3/2012

    Reviewer: Frank Indiviglio, Herpetologist

    After decades of struggling to create makeshift land areas for turtles and amphibians in zoos & my own collection, I was very happy to find the Penn Plax Turtle Pier. 

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