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    Lifegard Customflo Water System - Complete Kit


    Item # 199039 / Manufacturer Part # r440031

    Was $63.69
    Now $55.92
    This is a unique custom system that allows you to configure the flow pattern of your aquarium in any direction you choose. It is excellent for small or large aquariums, new or established.

    2-over the wall assemblies (return tubes), 4-control valve assemblies, 1-hydrojet, 2-caps, 1-airline bracket with suction cup, 2- pipe brackets with suction cups, 3-suction screens, 2-female adapters, 1-tee bracket with suction cup, 2-coupling brackets with suction cups, 2-elbow brackets with suction cup, 2-male adapters, 2-slider with bracket and suction cup, 4-pipe elbows (90 degree), 2-screen adapters, 1-pipe cap with suction cup, 1-ball/socket assembly, 2-small pipes with holes, 1-small pipe without holes, 1-large pipe without holes (18 in.), 1-3 ft. section of flexible tubing, 1-3 ft. section of airline tubing.
    All these items can be bought as this kit or as individual pieces.
    Package Size37 pc.

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