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    Q: When are charges for livestock/frozen food orders deducted from my account?


    Charges for live orders process when the order is actually shipped. Some credit cards, especially debit cards, place an "authorization" on the purchase amount to verify that the funds are available when the order is placed. This hold is placed by your bank or credit card company and the funds may be unavailable for use on other debit deductions. If such an "auth" is appearing on your card and your order is cancelled, it should drop off automatically within about 8 business days.

    If an order is modified at any point before shipping, you may see multiple "auths" in your records. These should also drop within a few days after your order ships. Contact your financial institution for more information. 
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    Special Notice for PayPal Orders: We cannot hold or modify orders placed with PayPal. PayPal's policies do not allow us to hold orders for more than three days after they are placed. Depending on when the order was placed, this may mean that the payment authorization is expired before the order is scheduled to be shipped. In this instance, a livestock department representative will contact you regarding the options for your order.