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    Mag Float 125 Magnetic Cleaner for Glass - Up to 125 gal.

    Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium

    Item # 195829 / Manufacturer Part # FLOAT-125

    Was $23.99
    Now $14.82
    This is a revolutionary magnetic glass aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae. Made with high quality cleaning material and felt, high grade ABS casing. Click here to see the Mag-Float in action!
    Length3.75 in.
    Width1.375 in.
    Height2.25 in.
    Simply move the outside magnet that contains the felt, and the inside abrasive velcro magnet scrubber follows, cleaning as it goes. If the magnets separate, the inner magnet floats right back to the surface, so you'll never have to dig around on the bottom. This prevents the magnet from picking up any debris and causing scratches on your tank. Its unique floating feature also permits easy and efficient movement around the corners of fish tanks, so you will no longer knock over decorations and damage corals and invertebrates as it happens with sinking magnet cleaners.

    Average Rating

    Mr 10/1/2014

    Reviewer: David Gallander

    so far everything except 1 check valve has been of good quality and preforming well

    Mag Float 1/10/2014

    Reviewer: Ron

    I will keep this simple. I have been dealing with That pet Place for 35 years, I have never had a bad experience, always good. If there is a problem with the product, its not their fault, they sell them, not make them, but they fix the problem.

    Mag Float 8/23/2013

    Reviewer: Charlie

    Works well on my 110 gallon tank.

    Mag Float 125 7/12/2013

    Reviewer: cp

    Works well. Stay away from objects in the tank and it'll do the trick. Not really suited for the back of tanks because you usually can't reach the entire back of large tanks.

    Mag Float 1/18/2013

    Reviewer: Greg

    This is the best product I have ever used! Works great on cleaning the Alge on the front and sides on your tank! I had Alge all on the front of my tank and the Mag Float cleaned it all off without getting my hands inside the fish tank. I would highly suggest this product to any one!

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