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    Magnum 350 Pro System Canister Filter - Up to 100 gal.


    Item # 214124 / Manufacturer Part # PC0350PSB

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    The Magnum 350 Canister Filter is a 2-stage mechanical and chemical filter which can easily convert to a quick-clean micron water polisher. The Pro System adds the power of wet/dry biological filtration in the form of a classic Marineland Bio-Wheel filter, for complete and total aquarium filtration. The Magnum 350 Canister Filter features a self-priming, bottom mounted sealed motor (no need for oiling). The mechanical and chemical filtration work with a carbon/media container. A blue bonded filter sleeve (101 sq. inches of surface area) prolongs filter media life and prevents premature clogging by trapping dirt particles before water enters media container. Easy-to-use snap clamps and suction cups make setup and maintenance simple.

    To polish water, simply replace media container and poly bonded sleeve with the pleated micron cartridge.

    Includes MediaIncludes Micron Cartridge, Carbon Media Container, Filter Sleeve, Carbon.
    Flow Rate350 gph
    Power Cord Length6 ft.
    Warranty2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    UL ListedYes
    Max Tank Size100 gal.
    Length6.5 in.
    Width6.5 in.
    Height13.5 in.
    Click here to download the quick setup guide from Marineland's website.

    Average Rating

    Magnum 350 Pro 6/12/2014

    Reviewer: Henry

    Replacing original Magnum 350 after many years. New one arrived with one of the Bio-wheel housings broken in shipping. Contacted customer service and got a free replacement. Marineland has excellent customer service.

    Noisy, annoying air gurgling sound 4/21/2014

    Reviewer: Richard

    I've been keeping fish for 40 years and had many filters. I had two of them, both had annoying air gurgling sound, no matter what I did there was always air in the canister gurgling. Don't like the latch system or the O ring either, both need to be improved on. When it worked, it was a good not great filter. The micron cartridge did a great job polishing the water otherwise I would've tossed the first one pretty quick and I'd never have purchased the second.

    7 years and I love it 4/14/2014

    Reviewer: sunrisor

    Easy to clean (with the right tools). Love the quick connect tubing. Yes, it does take up a bit of space, but I guess I don't mind since I built my own cabinet. Bio-wheels have worked flawlessly all this time. No runs, no drips, no errors!!

    Not happy update 3/16/2014

    Reviewer: Fred

    With a little research I found the part that will allow you to either run just 1 bio wheel or with 2 of these you can split the bio wheels apart to fit an aquarium where the center brace is in the way. http://www.thatpetplace.com/barbed-elbow-connect-o-ring-bio-pro This info and part number should really be added to the product description for this product.

    Not happy 3/10/2014

    Reviewer: Fred Moyer

    My main issue with this filter is the bio wheel assembly. Let me start from the beginning. I had an Emporer 400 for about 10 yrs. Some of the parts broke over time and I figured I would just step up to the canister. When I got the canister I tested the motor to make sure everything was ok. Everything was fine. I took off my old filter and tossed it. I followed the directions word for word. Nowhere in the directions or on this site does it tell you how much room you need to mount the bio wheel assembly. You need 18 inches at a minimum for it to fit. keep in mind if you have a center brace on your aquarium to support the glass. It won't fit. I found another review that the person had the same issue. they said they called that Pet place and they had a different part in stock to make it fit. If you had an optional t connector to space the 2 bio wheel housings about 2 inches further apart it would work. I called and was told there is no optional part to do this. I was told to call marineland. I called them and they don't have a part like this. If I had known this before my purchase I would have chosen a different filter. If I return it now I have no filter.

    Will not buy again 1/15/2014

    Reviewer: Ricky

    Would be a good filter if it would stop spitting micro bubbles in my tank

    would never buy again 12/24/2013

    Reviewer: eli

    my only canister filter, unless you have lots of height clearance under your tank its a pain in the --- to maneuver for cleaning the system. cleaning the unit is a major pain you have to basically take the whole thing apart. i do love the wet dry attachment and it does a great job cleaning and filtering the tank, but the maneuverability and change procedure is too much. unless you like tinkering around with your tank all day Sunday stick with a power filter

    These work great 10/24/2013

    Reviewer: Brenda

    I have 2 on my tank and I like the ease of use. The one is a little noisy but I think I'm having a problem getting all the air out of the one. I haven't worked on trying to fix it yet. Probably just user error more than product issue.

    MAGNUM 350 5/10/2013



    Magnum 350 Pro 5/6/2013

    Reviewer: Steve

    This is an outstanding filter. It quickly cleaned up cloudy water that another couldn't. The best part is, it is super quiet.

    10 plus years and still going strong 5/6/2013

    Reviewer: Wild Bill

    Running on a 125 gal with both bio wheels and keeps up with a tank full of Africans' good filter. The quick disconnects are junk. Did have to change the O-rings on the bio wheels this year...Buy it....

    Magnum 350 pro 2/26/2013

    Reviewer: Warren Hummel

    What can i say I love marineland products . This filter is great works great. Easy to clean and change the medium or cartridge. At this point I don't have the bio wheel set up because I can't use the two hooked together. Am purchasing the elbow i need to run one biowheel instead of the two. I have a 65 gallon tank and the two biowheels won;t fit without alot on modifications to the tank and cross piece so I'll just use the one . But I used this filter to replace a power filter and the tank is crystal clear.

    Magnum 350 Pro 2/16/2013

    Reviewer: Warren Hummel

    Ijust recieved this on wensday ,very easy to set up and get running.Extreamly quite. The only problem I have is I have a 65 gallon tank with the cross brace and the bio wheels won't fit using both together. So I will be ordering a elbow which marineland makes with my next order and will just run the one biowheel . The reason i purchased this is i was runnng 2 power filters and the tank was still cloudy , After 2 days of using the magnum all is clear . I am very happy with this filter . Will try and elimate the 2nd power filter and see if the magnum can filter this tank on its own .

    magnum 350 pro 2/16/2013

    Reviewer: warren hummel

    Hi Folks just a word , if you are looking for top quality equipment anything by tetra and marineland gets a gold star by me . Thinking of replacing my lights on the tank and looking at the marineland . thanks for listening

    pro 350 10/19/2012

    Reviewer: Dennis Troutman,Carsonville Pa

    very easy to clean & maintain. best filter i ever had, would highly recommend 5 stars

    quick disconnects are junk 8/3/2012

    Reviewer: norman from texas

    i have two of these filters on a 125 tank.only problem i had was the quick disconnects, being junk. i replaced them with garden hose quick disconnects, no trouble so far, had filters over two years. if you learn to prime the filter the easy way, the filters works every time

    Noisy 7/3/2012

    Reviewer: kate

    Sooner or later, this filter starts making a loud noise from something inside--maybe the impeller. I've owned 3 now, and all 3 end up being annoyingly noisy. Good filteration though.

    Magnum 350 3/23/2012

    Reviewer: Fish lover

    This is the best tank filter out there and I have tried most. It is effective and easy to take apart for cleaning. The motor is sealed and the canister lifts away from the motor so all the water stays where you want it not onn the floor. I give it 5 stars

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