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    Malawi and Victoria Buffer - 1.3 lb.


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    This product is a blend of carbonate salts used to enhance the natural environment for cichlids. This is done by increasing the hardness, buffer capacity and the pH. It is formulated to maintain a pH of 7.2-8.4. This product treats 1,200 to 2,400 gallons of water.
    Package Size1.3 lb.
    Treats up to900-1800 gal.
    pH Range7.8-8.4
    Directions: Use 5 g (1 level teaspoon) for each 40–80 L (10 to 20 gallons*) of water each day until desired pH is attained and maintained. Thereafter, use as required to maintain pH, usually no more than once every two to three weeks. TIPS: It is best to dissolve the buffer in freshwater before use. Use when setting up an aquarium or making water changes (preferably after the addition of Seachem’s Cichlid Lake Salt) and between water changes as needed to maintain pH. Seachem’s Malawi/Victoria Buffer is formulated to maintain a pH between 7.8 and 8.4, depending on the amount used. To attain a lower pH than 7.8, you may use Seachem’s Acid Buffer in combination with Malawi/Victoria Buffer. To attain a higher pH than 8.4, use Tanganyika Buffer.
    Contains: proprietary blend of powdered carbonate buffer salts.

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