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    Marina Hang-On Breeding & Holding Box - Large


    Item # 256688 / Manufacturer Part # 10943

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    Now $16.99
    Breed, isolate, and acclimate fish or shrimp in this safe and secure nursery. Marina Hang-On Breeding Box is directly attached to exterior of your aquarium, so juvenile fish are acclimated but still protected from adult fish. Space saving design allows only juvenile fish to slip through the separator. Warm oxygenated water from the main aquarium is circulated through the breeding box with an air pump (sold separately). No additional filters or heater are needed. 

    Create up to 3 separate compartments using included partition plates. 

    Measures 10.25 inches wide and holds 0.5 US gallons of water. 

    An air pump (1L/ per minute) and airline tubing are required and not included.
    Click here to download the instruction manual from Hagen's website.

    Average Rating

    breeding box 3/24/2015

    Reviewer: snsaquatics

    This is an awesome little unit. I use it for raising corycatfish fry. The adjustable airflow is great for eggs and newly hatched fry. I would actually like a few more of these and would recommend them to anyone breeding fish

    Great item 5/25/2014

    Reviewer: Lisa

    I saw this and thought that I’d give it a try to segregate my neocardina and cardina shrimp Works great, adjustable water flow, everything is neat and tidy, and no worries of losing anything to a water change, great for eggs/fry. Worked so well I purchased another. Wish it came in a gallon size

    Well thought out! 2/28/2014

    Reviewer: Don Rosp

    This is a great little unit, with some good applications. Well constructed, and well thought out design. Highly recommend it. Have two, and would seriously like a few more.

    seperate use 2/22/2014

    Reviewer: yusuffogunbekun saidat

    Can I use ths aquarium to display catfish in my store Pls note that I ll need to dip hand into the aquarium to bring out desired fish to customerand as well I ll need to always drain water and refill

    hang-on breeding & holding box 4/26/2013

    Reviewer: Carol MacDowell

    Working out great. I raise guppies and they have had baby's already.

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