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    Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy Backstrip - 30 in.


    Item # 211831 / Manufacturer Part # RO1049

    Was $4.99
    Now $4.99
    Clear plastic back strip with groove to fit any glass canopy, can be cut for perfect fit. Insures your tank is completely covered, no more jumping fish.
    Strip is 30" x 2.25".
    Length30 in.
    Width0.125 IN

    Average Rating

    Great Product 8/20/2013

    Reviewer: ded07@tx.rr.com

    I looked all over Dallas for a backstrip and none of the aquarium stores had them in stock. I took a chance on this one and it is perfect. It was easy to cut and fits my aquarium perfectly. The size was enough to make two backstrips. I highly recommend this product.

    Bad product 7/20/2012

    Reviewer: Jack

    I had to repair the backstrip of my glass canopy so I ordered this (and the hinge) instead of a replacement canopy. What a lousy product. It was as if it was designed for a 1/16th inch thick glass canopy instead of the reported 1/8th inch. I tried heating in very hot water to help open the insert for the glass to no avail. I finally had to insert scissors and twist to stretch (and also damage) the canal that should fit around the thickness of the glass. It took about two hours of finger-tiring work to get it installed. Maybe it just needied instructions (there were none) but I can't imagine any other tricks I could have used to insert it. I finally did get it on so I gave it a 2 instead of 1

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