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    Marineland Reef Capable LED Light


    Starting at: $197.68

    The Marineland Reef Capable LED Light system, is specifically designed to provide beautiful shimmering light, that benefits corals, fish and invertibrates in reef aquariums. These low profile, energy efficient, high output, LED light systems provide comparable light output to HO T5 fluorescent fixtures, without the energy consumption, heat output, or toxic materials.  Built in heat sink requires no cooling fans so fixture is completely silent during operation.

    The Reef Capable LED light system utilizes a combination of 10,000K white and 460nm Actinic Blue 1 watt  LEDs. The combination of LED bulbs in the fixture produces a light spectrum that is beneficial for the health, color and growth of reef aquarium plants and animals. White LEDs include polycarbonate focusing lenses, and Blue LEDs have special dispersion polycarbonate lenses to provide better color mixing, and light pentration.

    The built in digital timer system, allows for complete 24 hr control of the fixture, including independant control of the blue and white LED channels, for simulated dawn and dusk lighting. Expandable tank frame mounts support fixture in place on almost any size aquarium. Energy efficient LED bulbs, last up to 50,000 hrs, and never need replacement.

    Average Rating

    Marinelands reef capable led 2/28/2014

    Reviewer: Jim Yocum

    First one a few rows of bulbs went out,second one overheated and melt the plug where it connects to light,third one same thing over heating at plug..plus the cause rapid hair algae growth

    Great Light! 2/24/2014

    Reviewer: Dana

    Not sure what the guy blow is talking about, these are great - and last a long time, I have a few and this one w/timer on my 90g. Marineland has a lifetime warranty on their bulbs too. 500 bucks in my lfs, this site rocks :)

    Marineland Reef Capable LED Light 6/1/2013

    Reviewer: Dan N

    Purchased model without timer in Feb 2012. Looked great until it stopped working after only 15 months. Even at the new lower prices, this is no bargin.

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