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    Maxi-Jet 600 PRO (160/750 gph)


    Item # 253892 / Manufacturer Part # ML90510

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    Now $15.89
    Maxi-Jet PROs are three pumps for the price of one! They can prevent waste build-up and dead spots as propeller-style circulation pumps and run undergravel filters as power heads. A venturi makes them great as utility pumps to power protein skimmers. Ideal for other uses well. Fully adjustable output. Can be run externally or submersible.

  • Power Head Mode: 160 gph
  • Circulation Mode: 750 gph
  • Utility Mode: Max. head height: 3 ft. 5 in.
  • Flow Rate1000 gph
    UL ListedYes
    Warranty2 years
    Max Flow1000 gph
    Max Wattage8
    Max Head Height3.5 ft.
    Length3 in.
    Width2.75 in.
    Height2.75 in.
    Inlet/Outlet0.5 in. outlet
    Click here to download the manual from Marineland's website.

    Average Rating

    Great Pump 10/18/2014

    Reviewer: Nick

    The option to change from the power head to the circulation pump is great. I purchased the 600 and intend to use it in a 125 gallon aquarium in the future. However, I now have it in my 55 gallon and the 600 is a bit too powerful for the fish.

    AWESOME! 3/8/2014

    Reviewer: NY Mike

    This product is extremely versatile, either as a pump, power head, or just for circulation. I did a fair amount of homework on this item prior to purchase. I did some searching for price and delivery, I stumbled on this site...GREAT prices and local to the tri-state area. I highly recommend this product and this site. I'm using this product in a 55 Gallon Cichlid setup. I am using the white impeller (included) configuration. It's quiet and extremely efficient, the water is recirculating triple fold as a result. My frontosa and larger mbunas are loving the newly added current. As I write this review - thatpetplace.com is still the cheapest on the web for this item. Thank you guys!

    I give them a 4.5 3/17/2012

    Reviewer: David Soult

    I have used the whole line of pumps for many years. It's a great bang for your buck. The good the bad and the ugly sides of the pumps... The plastic suction mount bracket breaks easy and with age gets very brittle on the other side I mentioned age so the pumps last quite a long time. Impellers with age tend to fall apart however I mentioned age again the pumps last quite a long time. I used the model 1200 and 900 in Circulation Mode the pump can reverse water flow every now and again. I purchased the two pumps used and something may have broken or was missing from the previous owner. I am only mentioning this because I lost a fish and can not rule out the possibility it got sucked in because of the reverse action. The pumps are so popular other companies make accessories for them such as magnet holders. All and all I give them a 4.5 stars

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