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    Mounting Legs for Aqualight Pro


    Item # 234012 / Manufacturer Part # 05369

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    Mounting Legs for the Aqualight Pro Series Aquarium Lighting System.
    Dimensions4 Legs

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    they do the job 4/9/2013


    These legs are tough to find in the first part of 2013. This was the only place in the first two pages of goodle that had them in stock. Its unfortunate the design isnt better on these things. The clip that puts pressure on the back side of the rail doesn't hold tight on one of the legs i received. Having said that it's not something a drill and the right sized screw cant fix. It's unfortunate because these are good lights, and coralife made bank on them I'm sure, then leaves us to our own devises for support and parts once they release a new model. I called them to find these legs, they sent me to a site that was sold out of them....thanks? 3 stars for them being in stock. 1/2 star for getting them and having to modify