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    Natural Cork Tile Background - 12 in. x 12 in.

    Zoo Med

    Item # 242865 / Manufacturer Part # NCB-1

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    High humidity environments thrive with a cork tile background. Completely natural backgrounds add the final touch to any terrarium. Great for poison dart frogs, day geckos or other rainforest species. Natural Cork Tile Backgrounds resist mold and mildew. Precut for Naturalistic Terrariums or can be cut for other enclosures. Sustainably harvested.
    Directions: This Cork Tile background is precut to fit inside of Zoo Med's Naturalistic Terrarium with an 12" x 12" back wall. It can also be used in other terrariums of the same size, or cut to fit your specific terrarium. For large terrariums, use several panels to cover the back wall.

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