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    Net Breeder

    Lee's Aquarium & Pet

    Item # 204233 / Manufacturer Part # 10265

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    This is ideal as a maturation tank for fry. In addition, it can also be used to isolate injured or aggressive fish. It features a new frame style with removable, locking legs and a fine nylon mesh net. It has been engineered to allow optimum water flow that furnishes oxygen and fresh water to the fry.

    Attaches to the side of the aquarium with bendable metal hangers.

    Average Rating

    question 2/22/2014

    Reviewer: yusuffogunbekun saidat

    Can ths net be used independently from the pond I wish to use it to display catfish in my grocery store Can it work for that purpose Note that I ll need to connect the net to water tank so that I can drain and refill the net tank Thks

    That Fish Place:  Thanks for commenting.  This item is designed to house a fish that is set to release eggs/live babies and protect them from the other inhabitants in your aquarium.  It could be used to keep an appropriately sized catfish contained to the area of the Net Breeder, but probably not ideal for the fish.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

    safe and effective 9/19/2013

    Reviewer: Eddie. Rodriguez

    This product is easy and very effective. had bad experience with other kinds with no results and the price is great That pet place have the best price

    baby fish cemetery 7/8/2012

    Reviewer: only giving it 1 star cause i have to

    got into the cichlid hobby a few months ago....i dove in really.....i've had many other aquariums before my cichlids (fresh and salt) but freshwater fish and be boring and now that i have kids i don't have the time to manage a reef aquarium so i tried cichlids my son loves them and helps with their he was really excited when his kenyi was holding dozens of babies in her mouth i learned how to strip a cichid from youtube and did very well for my first time there were 36 total name son named them all right away he had me write all their names down.....the next morning we found most of them with their insides picked out through the netting with little comfort for the service we gave them my son cried most the day and off and on for the next few days.....the plastic ones dont have enough water flow these are a canibal buffet best thing to do is set up a small tank

    REALLY GOOD!!!! 4/4/2012

    Reviewer: Jack

    I bought this net breeder today and it is really good. My guppies gave birth to 5 fry. I took them out and housed it in there. The instructions are simple and fast. This is a product I would recommened

    REALLY GOOD!!!! 4/4/2012

    Reviewer: Jack

    I bought this today and housed my fry inside it is easy to assemble you could also use it for other methods.

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