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    Nutrafin Betta Plus Water Conditioner - 2 oz.


    Item # 244164 / Manufacturer Part # A7920

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    Conditioner instantly makes tap water safe for your betta! Product protects your fish against scrapes and cuts with almond leaf extract.
    Shake well before using. 5 mL treats 2 L (0.5 U.S. gal / 0.4 U.K. gal) with every water change.
    Proprietary mixture of substances that are not controlled according to WHMIS classification.

    Average Rating

    love it 11/11/2012

    Reviewer: petlover466

    i have used this on my old bata he has past a way do to ick. but when he was alive this made his fins so much beter! he was a vary happy bata fish.