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    PE Mysis - Flat Packs

    Piscine Energetics

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    From freshwater lakes in British Columbia, PE Mysis are sodium free so your fish don't have to process excess salt found in marine varieties of mysis. The freshwater source also eliminates the possibility of parasite or disease transfer to marine fish. Flash frozen immediately after harvest, PE Mysis are clean and intact. High in Omega fatty acids with no binding agents, fillers or water added to packaging. Nutritionally complete and does not require vitamin or color enhancements. Used by 90% of public aquariums in North America.

    Average Rating

    Excellent 5/21/2014

    Reviewer: Chad D.

    My fish go nuts for PC Mysis. They love it! It also PACKED - there is very little water - its almost all product. Its a great product IMO.

    Best food out there. 3/5/2012

    Reviewer: John

    I have yet to find something that will not eat this stuff. This stuff is the best!!

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