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    Replacement Cartridge for Penguin 110, 125 and 150B - 1 pk.


    Item # 214123 / Manufacturer Part # PA0132

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    Each preassembled Penguin Filter Cartridge filters aquarium water through a double thick polyfiber pad which traps more dirt and debris, faster. The cartridge is packed with super-efficient pure Magnum Activated Carbon, it keeps working long after most carbons stop. It's better than a bag. Just shake and rinse. The patented ribbed backing evenly distributes carbon for maximum water to carbon contact. No bypass, no tea bag effect, just crystal clear, crystal clean aquarium water. Each Penguin Filter replacement cartridge includes a foam pad and carbon for superior mechanical and chemical filtration. The easiest way to superior aquarium filtration.

    Rite-Size Cartridge: B

    Fits Penguin Bio-Wheel filter models 110, 125 and 150B
    Compatible ModelsPenguin 110, 125, 150B
    Package Size1 pk.
    Length4.5 in.
    Width6 in.
    Directions: Remove cartridge from package and rinse under tap water to remove any carbon dust.

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