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    Penguin 550 Powerhead


    Item # 213935 / Manufacturer Part # PH0550

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    Penguin 550 Power Head delivers a constant flow and provides increased surface agitation with a fully adjustable aeration feature. This maximizes oxygenation throughout an undergravel filter to provide a viable biological filtration site for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

    The mounting system provides total mounting versatility and the lift tube adapter fits all popular diameters and heights. The adjustable mounting bracket includes an optional suction cup mount. The powerhead also includes a venturi with an adjustable aeration valve and 8" of tubing to maximize oxygenation. Penguin's single moving part construction means no messy assembly, no oiling and virtually no maintenance. The epoxy sealed moisture-proof motor and electrical components ensure safe operation in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
    2" long x 4" wide x 3.75" high

    WarrantyTwo Year Performance Warranty

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