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    PhosBan Reactor NPX Bioplastic Screen - 2 pk.

    Two Little Fishies

    Item # 253743 / Manufacturer Part # PBR-NPX

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    The Bioplastic Screen Kit from Two Little Fishes, allows you to convert your standard  Phosban 150 or Phosban 250 media reactor, for use with NPX Bioplastics Phosphate & Nitrate Reducing Media.

    This screen kit is cut to fit, and will work with most models of cylindrical reactors, instructions for the Two Little Fishes reactors are included.  Bioplastic Media will release a biofilm, that will clog the foam filter pad inside your standard reactor, simply cut the plastic screen to fit your particular reactor, and install in place of the foam pads. This will allow your NPX Bioplastics (and other biopellet media) to work properly, without clogging.

    Average Rating

    some assembly required 7/19/2012

    Reviewer: FartZilla

    This item does not come ready to use. You have to cut it yourself to fit the PhosBan 150 and 550. I haven't seen a big difference between this product and the filter screen that comes with the reactor.

    Bioplastic Screen 3/19/2012

    Reviewer: Harold Lane

    I have started using a screen on the bottom of my processor. I kept the foam at the top to catch articles that may float from the inside of the aquarium drawn in. I see that the flow is better and the plastic is of size that the material does not fall through. Great idea and price is right. It is well worth it when pushing more flow through the material.

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