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    Phosguard Phosphate Removers


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    PhosGuard removes phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater aquaria. Great for use in many applications, including power filters, canister filters, and wet/dry filters & sumps. It is not recommended for phosphate buffered freshwater. This product is highly porous for high absorption capacity and bead shaped for optimum water flow. It outperforms all competing products. PhosGuard is not an exchange resin, it does not release anything into the water.

    For more information on controlling phosphates, please see our article How to Get Rid of Algae and our That Fish Blog post: Phosphates – Invisible Troublemakers in Ponds and Aquariums.

    Average Rating

    Seachem Quality 1/11/2013

    Reviewer: Fishy Wishy

    I prefer this phosphate remover because it does not affect pH like almost all other GFO media . It starts working within hours.

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