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    API Phosphate Test Kit for Freshwater and Saltwater


    Item # 199700 / Manufacturer Part # 63L

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    Why test your phosphate levels? Well, phosphate can enter your aquarium through tap water, fish waste and decaying organics such as uneaten food or dead algae. As phosphate increases so does your chance of having unsightly algae and green water blooms. In salt water, phosphate can also inhabit the growth of corals and other reef building organisms.

    This kit allows you to easily and accurately measure the phosphate level and maintain a healthy aquarium or pond. It does 150 tests.

    Kit contains: two dropper bottles for accurate dispensing of test solutions, easy to read instructions and color charts, one non-staining glass test tube with snap-tight cap.

    Range is as follows for freshwater and saltwater: 0.0 PPM, 0.5 PPM, 1.0 PPM, 2.0 PPM, 5.0 PPM, 10.0 PPM.

    Available only to the continuous 48 United States via ground shipping methods
    Number of Tests150
    Indicator MethodColor Change
    Directions for testing Phosphate:

    1. Rinse a clean test tube with water being tested.
    2. Fill the test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube).
    3. Holding the bottle vertically, add 6 drops from Phosphate Test Solution Bottle #1. Cap the test tube and shake vigorously for 5 seconds.
    4. Now, holding the bottle vertically, add 6 drops from Phosphate Test Solution Bottle #2. Note: Bottle #2 contains a very thick solution and may require increased pressure to release drops.
    5. Cap and shake the test tube vigorously for 5 seconds.
    6. Wait 3 minutes for color to develop.
    7. Read the test results by comparing the color of the solution to the Phosphate Color Card. The tube should be viewed in a well-lit area against the white area of the card. The closest match indicates the ppm (mg/L) of total phosphate in the water sample.

    Average Rating

    It works but 6/29/2014

    Reviewer: Nathine Goldenthal

    IT works but readings are not tight enough. Phospates between 1 amd 2.0 is quite a range. For a quick test not bad

    Didn't come with the salt water test kit so had to buy this. 1/14/2014

    Reviewer: Zach

    Well worth it though. Came with everything needed; test tube, two solution bottles and charts, etc.