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    Coralife Daylight Square Pin Power Compact Lamp - 65W - 10000K - 21 in.


    Item # 209323 / Manufacturer Part # 05478

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    The 10,000k is a high-intensity purified super daylight compact bulb with rare earth color-enhancing phosphors that simulates the midday tropical sun, cast sparkling blue-white daylight rays, fish, coral, macro algae and plants thrive in its glow. It has a rugged construction for dependable long life, easy to install and is energy efficient.

    This is a Japanese square pin arrangement.

    Confused about Compact Fluorescent Pin Arrangements? Check out this blog entry for some help: Compact Fluorescent Pin Arrangements.
    Length21.125 in.
    Max Wattage65
    Diameter1.75 in.
    Kelvin Rating10,000K
    Base TypeJapanese Square Pin
    Warranty30 days

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