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    ProFlex Hang-On Overflow Box - Up to 125 gal.


    Item # 248224 / Manufacturer Part # 34508

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    The ProFlex Model 110 Hang-On overflow box is ideal for use on aquariums up to 125 gallons, that will benefit from the use of a  Wet/Dry or Sump type aquarium filter, but do not have drilled holes for drain or return lines.  The ProFlex Model 110 Hang-On overflow box is designed to work perfectly with the Aqueon Proflex Models 1-3 family of filters, or any other Wet/Dry or Sump type of filter with an appropriate water flow requirement, and standard 1" drain connections.

    The ProFlex Hang-On Overflow box features an adjustable clear acrylic internal skimmer box, and a durable ABS plastic external box.  Included in the box; Clear U-Tube syphon, foam prefilters, nylon screws, air evacuation tube and and a filter return elbow with diffuser.

    Includes MediaPre Filter Sponge
    Warranty1 year Warranty
    UL ListedNo
    Max Tank Size125 gal.
    Length8.5 in.
    Width6.25 in.
    Height11.5 in.

    1. Unpack the overflow box and inspect all components for any shipping damage.
    2. Check your aquarium with a level. It is very important that the aquarium sits level both left to right and front to back. If it is not possible to level the aquarium, install the box on the lowest side of the aquarium. This can reduce the chances of an accidental overflow due to higher than recommended water level. A level aquarium is best but an aquarium that is lower in the back than front is less of a hazard than one that is lower in the front.
    3. Locate the overflow box leveling screw and thread this into the corresponding hole located at the bottom of the outside box. It is a good idea to thread the screw in as far as possible at this point.
    4. Slide the grooved tab on the outside box into the inside of the inside box. There is a single screw hole on the inside box that will align with the slot on the tab. Slide the short nylon screw through the slot and screw into the corresponding hole on the inside box. Hand tighten this screw to hold the two boxes together.
    5. Place the overflow box over the rim of the aquarium in the desired position. Unscrew the leveling screw located on the bottom of the outside box against the glass wall of the aquarium to level the overflow box on the aquarium.
    6. Connect the drain hose(s) to the hose barb(s) located on the bottom of the outside box and clamp in place.
    7. Adjust the height of the inside box inside the aquarium by loosening the short nylon screw and moving the inside box up or down. Tighten the screw to hold the box in place once the desired position is achieved.
    8. Fill the aquarium with water until the inside box fills completely with water. Pour water into the outside box until it fills and water begins to drain down the standpipe and into the filter.
    9. Insert the air evacuation tube into the siphon tube until the opening of the air evacuation tube is at the center of the bend in the siphon tube.
    10. Holding the air evacuation tube and the siphon tube together in one hand so that the air evacuation tube does not work free, insert the siphon tube into the overflow box so that one end is inside the inside box and the other is inside the outside box.
    11. Once inserted, suck the air out of the air evacuation tube by inhaling through the hose. This will draw the air out of the siphon tube creating a siphon which will drain water out of the inside box and drain it into the outside box. As long as each end of the siphon tube remains below water level this siphon will be maintained even during a power outage.
    12. Remove the air evacuation tube from the siphon tube by working the air evacuation tube down and out of the siphon tube being careful not to lift the siphon tube out of the water.
    13. Repeat steps 9-12 for the second siphon tube used on the 220 OverFlow Box.
    14. Start up pump on filter and check system for leaks or loose connections.

    Average Rating

    Great Value 12/9/2013

    Reviewer: KJ

    I have been using this overflow box for a few weeks, and it has been fine. For the lower price, I see no difference in this box when comparing it to the more expensive ones that do the exact same thing.

    Anti-siphon device 3/12/2013

    Reviewer: J. Chandler

    Works great, but make sure that you have enough space between your tank and the wall for the external overflow box. Also make sure that the anti-siphon device (a small hole drilled above the discharge nozzle) is above the aquarium's water line. Otherwise water will reverse flow down into your sump, when the pump is turned off!

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