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    ProFlex Model 2 Sump - Up to 75 gal.


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    The revolutionary Aqueon ProFlex Model 2 Filter system is three filters in one.  Constructed of durable acrylic and ABS plastic, The ProFlex filter system has a multi-chamber modular design, which allows the filter to be setup in three distinctly different ways. The Aqueon ProFlex Model 2 is rated for aquariums up to 75 gallons. 

    Water enters the first chamber of the ProFlex filter into a unique bubble diffuser chamber that allows air to escape from the incoming water.  Water then flows through 200 micron filter socks for mechanical filtration to remove debris from incoming water.  The second chamber of the filter can have multiple functions, so you can set up the filter to perform exactly the way you need it to.

    Three ways to use the Aqueon ProFlex Filter:

    Berlin Sump Filter- Out of the box, The ProFlex is ready to be used as a Berlin style saltwater filtration system, the large open second chamber can be used to house a protein skimmer, media reactors or live rock.  Berlin style filters are typically used on Reef aquarium with a substantial amount of live rock in the display, which acts as the biological filter for the system.

    Wet/Dry Filter - with the additional purchase of the Aqueon Model 2 BioMedia Accesory Pack , your Pro-Flex filter can be converted into a traditional Wet/Dry filter system.  The BioMedia Accesory pack includes a drip tray and plastic bio ball biological filter media, this setup is best used in either freshwater or saltwater fish aquariums.

    Refugium- The second chamber of the ProFlex sump can also be used as a refugium.  Using the included water retaining wall, and raising the adjustable wall to its full height, the second chamber will fill with water, and can be used as a refugium.  Simply install a suitable light source over the clear panel in the filter lid to illuminate the second chamber, and you are ready to grow macroalgae.

    Installing the Aqueon ProFlex Filter.

    Using the supplied Flexible drain tubing, the Aqueon ProFlex filter should be connected to the drain line of the overflow box of your drilled aquarium, or to the drain line of the optional ProFlex Hang-On overflow Box (not included)

    A Sumbersible return pump can be used in chamber three, or chamber 3 can be drilled and fitted with a bulkhead fitting for use of an external return pump (return pump is not included)

    Click these links to download the Aqueon ProFlex Instruction Manual or Specification Sheet

    Check out Aqueon ProFlex installation videos below:

    ProFlex Modular Sump Wet Dry Setup with BioMedia Accessory Pack

    ProFlex Modular Sump Refugium Setup

    ProFlex Modular Sump Berlin Method

    Includes MediaFilter Sock (x2), Filter Foam
    WarrantyLimited Lifetime
    UL ListedNo
    Max Tank Size75 gal.
    Length29.8 in.
    Width9.8 in.
    Height18.8 in.
    Click here to download the instruction manual from Aqueon's website.

    Average Rating

    Awesome Sump 6/3/2014

    Reviewer: NCreefguy

    Purchased the model 2 for my 60g reef tank. Absolutely love it. Very easy to set up. Very sturdy. Have had several other salt enthusiast compliment me in it. 2 days after set up, water clarity was 10x better. Will definitely purchase another when I set up my 120g..

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