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    PURA ChlorLock - 1 lb.


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    Make municipal tap water and bleached equipment safe for use in your aquarium. PURA ChlorLock neutralizes chlorine and bleach in freshwater and saltwater applications. Use when preparing water for water changes or use to make bleached ornaments and equipment safe for use in your aquarium. A stock dechlorination solution can be prepared in advance or crystals can be dissolved and poured directly into very large aquariums and ponds. ChlorLock has the best effectiveness to cost ratio available and its high purity level makes it stand out above the rest.
    Package Size1 lb.
    Treats up to25,000 gal.
    P?RA ChlorLock is the safest and most effective way of neutralizing chlorine and bleach in all fresh and salt-water aquarium applications. It also the most cost effective way of preparing aquarium and pond water.

    Dechlorinating Tap Water:
    One level teaspoon (tsp) of P?RA ChlorLock crystals treats 250 gal of municipal tap water. Prepare stock dechlorinating solution by dissolving one level tsp of crystals in 1 oz (30 ml) of water. Use at a rate of two drop solution per one gal of tap water.

    For very large aquariums and ponds, appropriate amount of P?RA ChlorLock crystals can be dissolved in a cup of water and entire cup poured into aquarium or pond.

    Safe Ornament Bleaching:
    Bleach decorations in a solution of one part household bleach and three parts water for a few hours. Remove decorations from bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Place bleached decorations into fresh tap water and add two level table spoons (TBS) of P?RA ChlorLock crystals per 5 gal of water. Keep decorations in this neutralizing solution for at least 4 hours.

    Rinse decorations in fresh water and if no bleach odor can be detected it is safe to place them back into aquarium. If bleach odor can be detected return decorations to a freshly prepared P?RA ChlorLock solution to soak for a few more hours.

    For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children! Do not take internally. In case of skin contact, wash skin with plenty of soapy water. Flush with plenty of water in case of eye contact and consult a physician.
    Component: Sodium thiosulfate, pentahydrate (Na2S2O3.5H2O). CAS Registry No: 10102-17-7

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