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    Pure Aquatic Acclimation Kit

    Pure Aquatic

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    Moving can be stressful, especially for sensitive fish and invertebrates. Pure Aquatic acclimation kits help to ease the transition of your new specimen from their previous tank to the water conditions of your aquarium. The drip acclimation systems allow fish to gradually become accustomed to differences in water chemistry and temperature, minimizing the stress and shock of being moved to their new home.

    This Pure Aquatic Acclimation kit includes a 6 ft. drip line, a rigid u-tube to hang over the tank frame, and control valve.

    Average Rating

    Simple but effective 12/11/2013

    Reviewer: OBXGyrene

    The rigid U-Tube makes this drip acclamation kit very effective and easy to use. No more having the tubing slip out of the tank while trying to acclimate livestock.

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