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    Quiet One Aquarium Pumps

    Lifegard Aquatics

    Starting at: $15.67

    Produce optimal water flow in any aquarium or pond application with powerful Quiet One Aquarium Pumps. Extremely quiet operation and easy-to-use design combined with nozzles for spray attachments, an extra long cord and an amazingly innovative cooling chamber that actually cools air or water depending on the application, make this pump an ideal choice for any job!

    Average Rating

    Not good 6/27/2014

    Reviewer: Jose Penas

    I purchased two 2200 Quiet One submergible aquarium pumps for my new 261-gal tank, and one of them stopped working in one week. Unfortunately, I misplaced the receipt, so I had to buy another pump. To make matters worse, the only available pump at my local store was Quiet One, so I ended up with another one; this time I picked a 2300. This was the last time I purchase a Quiet One pump; never again!

    Great powerhorse 4/13/2014

    Reviewer: Suzanne

    Bought the 3000 model at least five years ago and its been running ever since. Very powerful and reliable.

    A good pump 7/15/2013

    Reviewer: Akira

    We had been using Little Giant brand for a long time. Lil Giant always had troubles in motor and shaft. Compared to that, this product is much better with about a half price. It has been running non-stop for at least 3 years now under a 60 gallon sea water tank.

    DONT BUY 1/9/2013

    Reviewer: slider

    I have been a manager for a retail petstore for 15 yrs. I have extensive knowledge in aquatic life. Our store has purchased these pumps for commercial use as well as for customer purchase. We will no longer carry lifeguard products due to the lack of quality and lack of customer service. These quiet one pumps are made with plastic shafts instead of stainless steel shafts. When you have a power outage and then the power surge kicks back on the shaft cracks.When you call lifeguard they refuse to correct the problem and tell you to send it back at your own cost. A man named Neil works there and will not even consider any type of compensation for these pumps and also will not hesitate to hang up on you.These pumps will not last you more than a year the shafts will crack.I know because i have many upset customers with these pumps. Be aware that you may give this good ratings when first purchased but you will not be happy in the long run.

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