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    Rally - 32 oz.

    Ruby Reef

    Item # 250126 / Manufacturer Part # 11137

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    Rally is a Reef-safe, copper free treatment for tropical and marine fish suffering with marine velvet, dinoflagellates, flukes and bacterial infections (but does not affect nitrifying bacteria). An excellent solution for quarantine tanks.

    Active Ingredients: acriflavine, aminoacridine, 0.24% (v/v) formalin
    Invert SafeYes
    Directions: Turn off protein skimmers and UV sterilizers, also remove carbon filtration and any absorbent media that would remove RALLY from the water. Dose on days 1, 2, and 3 for normal infections. For severe infection further dosing may be required. Add one ounce of RALLY per 10 gallons of total water volume including the filtration system for reef tanks. Add one ounce of RALLY per 5 gallons of total water volume including filtration system for fresh water tanks.
    Active ingredients: Acriflavine, aminoacridine, 0.24% (v/v) formalin.

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