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    Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Skimmer - Up to 450 gal.

    Red Sea

    Item # 247837 / Manufacturer Part # 50203

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    Now $328.34
    Powerfully advanced protein skimming for tanks up to 450 gallons with the Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer. PSK 2500 Aerostar pin-wheel aspiration pump injects 200 gph of micro bubbles. Conical top concentrates mixture and transforms foam.

    Other features include a one-side control panel, an integrated neck washing system, and a FoamView collection cup window. Versatile design works as a stand-alone or in-sump skimmer. 13.4 in. x 10 in. footprint. 21.25 in. high.

    Designed for the following types of aquariums:

  • Fish only tanks up to 450 gallons
  • Soft coral tanks up to 300 gallons
  • Hard coral tanks up to 150
  • Requires a feed pump of at least 450gph for operation.

  • For more information, please read What is a Protein Skimmer? from our article archive.
    Length13.4 in.
    Width10 in.
    Height21.25 in.
    Max Tank Size450 gal.
    PumpPSK 2500 Aerostar
    In SumpYes
    Cone NeckNo
    Bubble PlateNo

    Average Rating

    C-Skim 18000 (Great skimmer once you understand its operation, positioning, and how to achieve dry foam skimming) 5/11/2014

    Reviewer: PRH

    Red Sea C-Skim 1800 1. Mag 5 pump with nylon threaded tubing, a threaded ball valve with thread to barb returns, “with” four clamps (each side of ball valve thread to barb, pump female to barb, and skimmer input (use the metal clamps, check and recheck they are secure). Plastic clamps are not suitable for high flow operations. 2. I cleaned skimmer manufacturing process in a bath tub with hot water and a gallon of white vinegar; prior to this I tried Dawn Ultra dish soap. Repeatedly empty skimmer, hose, and pump, empty tub, and run for 30-60 minutes in hot water. 3. Skimmer positioning “has to be” overflow input, skimmer, and then returns. At 11 ½ inches of height a RS300 Reef Octopus sump has 31 gallons of water. 4. I used a 300 Reef Octopus stand at 4 ½ inches up from bottom of sump. 5. I did not obtain consistent results in regard to dry foam production until I put 2nd air intake, elbow “with” the plug, and “clear tub”. Without it I could not maximize flow, air, and skimmer would “overflow” some call over skimming. 6. The elbow on skimmer return requires cap off facing downward, so I turned it slightly 1-2 inches sideways which actually helps downstream effect they discuss in regard to skimmer positioning. The “cap” had to be on for consistent flow as maximum flow and air, no doubts. This included putting on the clear pipe which you eventually want to reduce noise from return and sump water surface.

    C Skim 1800 4/17/2012

    Reviewer: Scott

    Excellent product easy set up and adjustment

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