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    Renew - 1 gal.


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    Renew is an effective and economical replacement for activated carbon. While Renew is capable of organic removal and sub-micron filtration, it is less aggressive than carbon. It will not alter pH, remove trace elements, or release phosphates. It is suited for the reef or planted aquaria where aggressive chemical action may be a problem. Can be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

    A 250 mL bottle of Renew treats up to 40 gallons for several weeks.
    Compatible ModelsCanister and Power Filters
    Treats up to480-640 gal.
    Package Size4 L
    Directions: Renew should be used in exactly the same manner as activated carbon. Use 250 mL for each 120–160 L (30–40 gallons*). Use in a filter bag only. Although Renew is clean, it is advisable to rinse before use. It lasts about the same as carbon (4–6 weeks).
    Comprised of 100% natural stone.

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