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    Q: What if something I order arrives deceased or in poor condition?


    Please contact the Livestock Department at 877-367-4377 or livefish@thatpetplace.com to report any loss or problem with your live order. 

    Some common issues may be explained below:
  • Many species of anemones will be shipped without water. This is done intentionally and has proven to be the best way to ship these animals. Don't worry-your anemone may look strange when you receive it, but should recover very rapidly once placed in your aquarium.
  • Some crustaceans, starfish or urchins can lose appendages due to shipping stress. This does not necessarily mean that they are dead or dying. The lost appendages will eventually be replaced/regrown by the animal.
  • Many polyps, clams, and corals can appear lifeless for a few days after they arrive at their destination. Do not throw these animals away. Given proper lighting, nutrition, and water quality they should soon extend tissues and polyps and regain their full color and vigor.
  • Soft corals may arrive with mucus or discoloration in their bags. This is a normal process and occurs during growth or from shipping stress. Just remove the coral from the shipping bag and place it in your aquarium. If this phenomenon occurs again in your tank simply net out the mucus. Once the coral acclimates, the secretion should stop.

    Remember, even if your fish or coral appears to be lifeless upon arrival you MUST acclimate it according to the That Fish Place Acclimation Procedures.

    Any problems with stock or losses must be reported to us within the 5-day guarantee period and we do require verification for any losses. If you have access to a digital camera, you can send us photos of the items in question. The photos must be clearly identifiable; we recommend snapping the photo on a flat surface out of the water. If you don't have access to a digital camera, you can pack the items in a plastic bag with enough table salt to cover the remains, then mail them back to That Fish Place c/o Mailorder Livestock. Please include your name and order number with any claims. Once we receive verification, we can refund the cost of those items lost back to your credit card. 
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable. We are able to replace items from live shipments, but you will be charged shipping for the replacement items.