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    Repti Sun 5.0 UVB 310 Fluorescent Lamp - 30W - 36 in.

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204412 / Manufacturer Part # FS-36

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    Repti Sun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent bulbs contain the highest amounts of both UVB and UVA wavelengths. UVB wavelengths help to prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease in green iguanas as well as other species of lizards in captivity. UVB also strengthens and improves shell growth on all captive turtles and tortoises. This UVB is safer than adding powdered or liquid synthetic D3 supplements, UVB wavelengths allow all reptiles the ability to regulate their own Vitamin D3 levels by endogenous synthesis as they would in nature Eliminate the risk of vitamin D3 overdose (highly toxic) from synthetic sources. The UVB in the Repti Sun 5.0 UVB will penetrate up to 12" from the bulb's surface.

    UVA wavelength increases appetite, physical activity, helps to induce reproductive behaviors and is beneficial to the psychological well-being of captive reptiles and amphibians.
    36" 25 watt
    5,500k for maximum viewing pleasure of your animals.

    Check out That Reptile Blog for a Product Review of Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 and 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Lamps by former Bronx Zoo Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio.
    Max Wattage25

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