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    Reptile Lighting Systems & Supplies

    Reptile lights and lighting systems contain system for reptile and amphibian UV bulbs and heat lamps.View more category information >>

    Reptile Lights and Lighting Category Descriptions

    Combo Reptile Lights

    Combo Reptile Lights feature multiple types of bulb inputs – incandescent, fluorescent or halogen – to provide reptile owners options for providing heat and UV. These systems also offer an easy place to set up timed lighting.

    Reptile Domes and Clamp Lamps

    Domes and Clamp Lamps provide a great option for a heat lamp, compact fluorescent or mercury vapor bulb. Be sure to know the requirements of your reptile bulb before buying – certain models support larger bulbs or high heat bulbs like ceramic heat emitters.

    Reptile Lighting Accessories & Lamp Stands

    This category contains reptile lamp stands and other accessories for reptile lighting systems.

    Reptile Lighting Timers and Power Strips

    Reptiles and other herp pets appreciate a 24-hour light cycle – and a lighting timer makes this easier for your to provide. Each power strip also provides a safe option for plugging up reptile lights.

    Reptile Strip Lights

    These single-strip fluorescent fixtures are the fastest, easiest way to add UVA and UVB to your reptile's habitat.

    Related Reptile Light and Lighting Categories

    Reptile Bulbs and Lamps

    Heat Bulbs and UV Bulbs for reptile lights.

    Reptile Heating

    Heat Pads, Ceramic Heaters and Heat Controllers for additional reptile cage heating.

    Reptile Hygrometers and Thermometers

    Monitor terrarium temperature and humidity with a reptile thermometer or hygrometer.

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