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    Reptisun 10.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 26W

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204507 / Manufacturer Part # FS-C10

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    Lighting is the most important aspect to reptile health, and the Reptisun is the optimum lamp for tropical and desert-dwelling reptiles. Designed with special UV-transmitting quartz glass, this ideal lamp provides UVB rays to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease and UVA rays to increase appetite and stimulate mating. Completely self-ballasted lamps will function in a normal threaded socket and are ideal for clamp lamp fixtures. Start your pet off right with the proper lighting it needs: the light you'll get from Reptisun 5.0 UVB for tropical basking reptiles, 10.0 for desert and other high-UVB requirement reptiles.
    Max Wattage26

    Average Rating

    Decent Bulb! 2/21/2013

    Reviewer: Angela

    I've been using this type of bulb for 6 months, and it's pretty good. Very bright, and actually helps tp grow some low light aquatic plants. I'm also using it to start growing some herbs abd flowers. So far, so good.

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    Reptisun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 26W